There are 600,000+ registered Polyvores on the Planet

Keep the money flowing

Polyvore launched in February 2007.


  • 2.5 million unique visitors per month
  • 100 million monthly page views
  • 600,000 registered users
  • 10 minutes average session time on site
  • 22 pageviews average per visit is a fashion community site that lets people mix and match products from any online store or brand site, to create outfits and inspiration boards (we call them ‘sets’). It’s a virtual closet, styling tool, and user-generated fashion magazine, powered by a community of a million plus fashionistas, trendsetters and tastemakers.

Polyvore is often described as “highly addictive” by those who fall in love with its collaging functionality and spend hours creating sets to share with others. Polyvore offers an unprecedented level of direct engagement with real products and brands, while its social features make it a powerful platform for the creation and distribution of user-generated advertising. Learn more by creating your own style or discovering new style at

Ramit Sethi — I Will Teach You To Be Rich


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