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So just what did happen in the case of the wayward hosting company and registrar?

Things should have got better right?

Well the registrar company called. They have no centralized system for gathering emails on a topic nor can they read pdfs because of security issues. hmm… I had to call them back because I do not take calls whose numbers are not registered in my contacts.

I received an email from the caller explaining the above and asking me to call. I did. He promised to follow through with yet a third domain transfer. I was wondering now what is the middleman going to think, is this going to register an alert. hmm.

I forwarded the hosting company contact to this registrar. Minutes later, I received an email from the hosting company that they had sent the transfer letter. They also stressed to me how important it was for me to click it. hmm I have two middlemen letters stating that I clicked the letters. hmm becomes humma at this point.

This leg of the great misadventure was five hours ago and no word yet from the middlemen. For me that’s a tip that things are not going well. Usually the letter would have already been forthcoming.

I am trying to figure out which party has the unlucky star. Surely not me, though it looks that way as my domain value just in name has dropped $1500. Let’s not even talk about what happens when people click on the links at the top of 30 million links and it timesout. No lets not talk about how incredibly damaging that is.

Good lord, I have done everything.

I was watching Brothers & Sisters on my laptop where Nora goes beyond hope to free a missing Tommy. Yes Nora I have done everything to free my domain.

p.s. I am only keeping these posts for 24 hours and then I delete them, because what’s the point.


Teach a Man Woman to Auto Money Flow and you have Taught him her to Auto Money Flow for a Lifetime

Ramit Sethi — I Will Teach You To Be Rich

on Monday, March 23, 2009 at a book pond near you

I first saw Ramit auspiciously posed on the shelf barefooted between the
I and Will.
He was Smiling, Knowing…in Control.

From the moment I laid eyes on his chapter 3

“Automatic Money Flow”

he became my money yogi;
it was something in the way he sorted out my closet 😉

Check out My Money Yogi’s Presentation:

Love Like You’ve Never Been Hurt…

Natasha Richardson exemplies “The Daffodil Principle” by Jaroldeen Asplund Edwards. May Natasha’s light always be with us.


Thanks to Aunt Nita for sending me the slideshow. Widgets

Love like you've never been hurt
Love like you’ve never been hurt – by TrendyGoodnight on

How does the Web 3.0 Love Grow?

Saturday party time!
Saturday party time! – by TrendyGoodnight on

Polyvore is sending some love out via web 3.0, check it out.

I always wondered if any one would follow my theme of Web.30 Love….

The Best of Trendy: Love market grows Web 3.0

lookie here——

Web 3.0 love secrets of the French

If you love something… set it free | Twine

😉 Thank you Kosmix for Web 3.0 Love :#

Boyfriends – by TrendyGoodnight on

Yahoo Buzz sports a Guiness World Record Winner 2007

#4 on Yahoo’s Buzz is the Guiness World Record Winner 2007 — the Brazilian Wandering Spider that showed up at a Whole Foods in Tulsa among the bananas.

Want to know more about the record winner? See Kosmix.

# 3 on the buzz is Charles Manson

# 7 is Obama.

If you write about Lindsay Lohan Write about Her Lifestyle…

not her homeless state:

La Lohan Still Homeless? –

at the top of 650,000 links at google

nor her charity to the homeless.

Lindsay Lohan Donates Wardrobe To Homeless Women |

#2 of 16,500 links

No, write about her lifestyle.

Being Lindsay Lohan: Lifestyles of the Rich and Infamous in

at the top of 25.6 million links at google

If you see a leprechaun tomorrow talk to him …

From the Unicorn Garden the story of the Vikings and the Leprechaun.