Yahoo Buzz sports a Guiness World Record Winner 2007

#4 on Yahoo’s Buzz is the Guiness World Record Winner 2007 — the Brazilian Wandering Spider that showed up at a Whole Foods in Tulsa among the bananas.

Want to know more about the record winner? See Kosmix.

# 3 on the buzz is Charles Manson

# 7 is Obama.


5 Things Twitter & Fortune Magazine Should Not Follow

Ok so this tweeter rocked her website for Twitter, so what.

People are always rocking something over there at Twitterland.

I mean, really a Fail-Whale Club /: ?

1. I think Twitter is already a small team working on product development and marketing. Most likely they need to go the other direction, small great teams, emphasis on great and plural lots of them (‘behind every leader is a great team‘.)

2. A forum for twitter users on product developments they’d like to see.
Sorry but Twitter can’t even handle its help questions without unholy righteous Dude attitude.
Skip this one.

3. Yes paying attention to competitors and what they are copping off your product is good.

But why waste the money and energy on analysis. Just hire the Xeroxing dudes, totally cheaper.

4. Oh p-le-a-s-e. Twitter doesn’t need to integrate or expand 3rd party apps
it needs to get a grip on them.
It needs to delink them and
read them their rights this very minute.

I am no longer with Twitter because one of their 3rd party apps is telling me that Twitter isn’t updating me for weeks.
5. Twitter should stop listening to people who want to make the world go round. The world is already going round. Think about why you built this thing in the first place; go back to your roots.

Hey Twitter dudes, I don’t follow you,
Follow me!


Oh Great, Bro has gone Generic

Cupcakes & Bacon & Martha – Trendy Engagement Techniques

I look at Craigslist for jobs about three times a day. I don’t search I go through every single possibility.

I always find really interesting places but not jobs.

Today’s trendy engagement technique comes from

☞ this craigslist entry ☞ Interns needed @ Kumquat Cupcakery – (Flatbush Ave)

Mar 18 – Interns needed @ Kumquat Cupcakery – for an intern at kumquatcupcakery. They’ll hire you for pay if they see a working style matchup

Engagement techniques to learn:

Their nicely invested ☞ $50 ad introduces a fun opportunity plus

☞ website:

meet the cupcakes: Introduce your product in full color cause some might stumble like Martha (see below) and not realize there is more to a cupcakery than a kumquat.

☞ blog: keep buds with your blog verticals so they speak well of you to Martha

Cupcakestakethecake a team of bloggers who spoke well and introduced KumquatCupcakery’s Peanut Butter Cupcake on Martha Stewart last year.

☞ Blogspot blog:

☞ blogspotting is more important to your engagement technique than trainspotting, far more traffic.

☞ Focus on your unquelched ambition ☞ YouTubing your Bacon Takedown listing.

p.s. you can go to another nifty bacon takedown post at FreeWilliamsburg:

“It’s set for March 29th and will be at the Radegast Hall and Beer Garden right here in sunny Williamsburg!”–FW

See Trendy Engagement Techniques:

Ramit Sethi’s Trendy Engagement Technique

If you write about Lindsay Lohan Write about Her Lifestyle…

not her homeless state:

La Lohan Still Homeless? –

at the top of 650,000 links at google

nor her charity to the homeless.

Lindsay Lohan Donates Wardrobe To Homeless Women |

#2 of 16,500 links

No, write about her lifestyle.

Being Lindsay Lohan: Lifestyles of the Rich and Infamous in

at the top of 25.6 million links at google

Oh Great, Bro has gone Generic

On August 16, 2006 the question was asked “When Will Google Go Generic?”

To most it was the most startling phenom that a search engine would become a household noun, verb, adverb, conjunctive, part of every major word in a conversation, but it was happenin.’

And later on in that same year Twitter was birding out generic handles through its api.

Then bitch made it as ok at the Academy Awards, sure it was natch for Slum Dog to hip hop on down the runway a couple of years later in the 2009 Acadamy awards while the American Idol idiots were calling the Talent Adoop a dog every other word in their attempt to sound conversational.

Right and fine, that’s the top of the trends folks, that’s how you’ve raised your babies, that’s our future. Its a future that lacks individuality or leaders, lacks character and personalability.

Yes so read the NYTimes while they slide Bro right into your generic word vocabulation, we are all thumb typing like idiots any way. I guess its alright as long as we think we are cool dogs. Isn’t He Bromantic?

If you see a leprechaun tomorrow talk to him …

From the Unicorn Garden the story of the Vikings and the Leprechaun.

Real World Touch Guided me to a Trendy Site

Yes, its true I was at a Border bookshop in NYC and saw Ramit Sethi’s book on the new book display last week. I browsed it.

Then I saw a mention of his site at a domain name site on the internet, I signed up for his newsletter. The rest is history.