Verbs for 2009: Trust


Madoff the largest fraud of all time, $50 billion, based on Trust

“When examining the great losses we’re seeing in the global financial crisis, one thing is very clear: one of the greatest losses we feel is broken trust. But all is not lost. It is a challenging path and a time consuming one, but trust can be re-built and restored.

In any given situation, both personal and in professional life, I think that the process of restoring trust can be an enormously positive adventure because you can redeem yourself and create newness. For example, when you have a broken relationship with someone, you have to learn to acknowledge your role in it, apologize, and have humility. Then you need to find a way to involve the person in a process of coming up with a new relationship.”–Stephen Covey

I was talking to my mom about why I left the past current job, because my boss did not trust me. However, he started off that way with me, total non-trust.

I have always had the great trust of people I work for and I never abused that trust. Maybe its just a culture thing. I found his lack of trust quite abusive. I doubt he really intended that, but he did look at me a few times like he was going to beat me up and one day earlier on he gave me something and said you better have that done by the time I get back just as if I was some teenage person with better things to do. I didn’t deserve that and what bothered me most was that he said these things in front of other people, my reputation was at stake, it hurt. I think the firm was very disorganized, they didn’t know how to manage work or people, they abused their temporaries by overloading them with their permanent people’s work. They did not have trust at that firm, a huge black river running between employee and employer that’s for sure. I liked them very much, I liked that boss, he’s a wonderful person, that’s why I kept trying. Finally it came to me I am not the right person for him, I’m just not “it” for him. I just had to think about my pscyhe, my success. I had to be proactive, a habit that Stephen Covey considers the #1 best habit to have.

I am a very responsible person, hardworking and pleasant that is the thread that runs through literally hundreds of recommendations of people in his same position.

A woman wrote something that rings so true about employee retention:

“For an employee, as well as an employer, this is a partnership. When one partner shows a lack of trust to another there is a willingness to leave.”–Cassandra Goduti, Associated Press


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